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User Experience study for Cooktop & Chimney

User Experience study for Cooktop & Chimney

User Experience study for Cooktop & Chimney



  • The primary essence of today’s ever-changing world is time and comfort which is fulfilled by the range of appliances available in the market.
  • These range if appliances are already being touted as the next level of the modern cooking experience, and being integrated into smart homes, which are an artistic blend of technology and tradition.



  • A well-known German consumer durable brand wanted to check acceptability of 3 prototypes of cooktop cum chimney models amongst its consumers before its launch
  • The client wanted to check the products for functionality, appearance, efficiency, product fit and benefits envisage.


 Finding Facts:

  • To check the usage of the durable and emerging delights and pain points.


Solution Implemented:

  • A deep understanding of consumer behavior while in the kitchen and using a cooktop and chimney.
  • Need gaps and expectations with respect to all three cooktops and chimneys.
  • Research lead to numerous product level inputs which led to a fitin consumers life.



  • Client could improvise the product basis Indian needs


Our Understanding and Solutions:

  • With kitchen being a space that holds the most importance for Indians, it is extremely important for women to have the appliances and their usage as per her convenience. It is the one place she can freely flaunt her complete touch. With modular kitchens being a trend for most households, due to its look, status and comfort it denotes.
  • This industry is set to grow exponentially considering improved financial standing of consumers with focus on quality of life aided by technological advancements and higher investments to boost innovation in this sector.
  • While the country origin for the brand would be in its favour, however, Indians being value conscious would like to have options in the price and size ranges apart from just design options.
  • Also, with Indian cooking being rich in oil and other condiments, it would be important for the brand to emphasize on the convenience of cleaning and ease of maintenance. The latter mainly due to most households having a house help to do the same and wouldn’t want too complicated a procedure for them to handle.