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Edutainment TV

Edutainment TV


A well-known edutainment TV faces difficulty in binding its viewers due to mostly stay only for comedy genre programs, while other programs are considered less attractive.

The issue is, this TV station have to follow the trend where drama is currently the main preference among major entertainment TV viewers. The dilemma is that the drama genre itself has no strong position in this TV station, not the core of program genre.

Diary Tracking continued with online In-Depth Interview among 70 viewers from heavy and medium viewers group as well as Netizen that only focus on digital platform to access the TV program


  1. VIEWERS’ HABIT: Regarding the habit of watching TV, a significant pattern was found (indicated by the impact of the pandemic). Previously Prime Time was the ideal time to watch TV (17:00 or 18:00-22:00; the pandemic gave rise to indications of a shift, where Prime Time became earlier, and this may have been anticipated by the Competitors
  2. CONTENT ISSUE: The quality of the content is actually not a very significant issue, but rather the updating/rejuvenation and placement of programs in order to increase the frequency and duration of viewing. This TV Station’s programs are episodic, the fun depends on the story and guest stars in certain episodes, there is no need for the audience to follow every day so they don’t miss the story
  3. TECHNICAL ASPECT: The technical problems found were mostly related to the attributes displayed in the program (=CONTEXT), such as the artist’s appearance, and the supporting attributes in the program.
  4. VIEWERS’ CHARACTER: The results of the Psychographic Analysis show that there are five segments of this TV Station’s Audience Persona, each of which has a character that makes them have different preferences for the programs they want to watch and the media they access.