Core team take lights up the path from Divergent Team - DIVERse GENuine Team!

Divergent Insights Members- Rajiv Kokane


Rajiv Kokane

Managing Director

He heads the company, with 25 years of experience.

Has phenomenal experience in handling International Business and Multi Country projects. His strongly rooted skills from Six Sigma bring in an edge for remarkable project management, client handling and superior quality throughout research activity.


Narendra Mansukhani

Global Business Consultant

Narendra brings invaluable professional expertise of over 25 years with Global Airlines, Airports, Consular Services and Hotels where he held senior leadership, operations and strategic portfolios. He has worked a significant part of his career with Board of Directors, ‘C’ suite executives and statutory Regulators to build relationships, brand loyalty and implement short, mid, long term business goals across different markets with empirical data-driven outcomes. His forte is Operations, Customer Delight and ensuring implementation of market insights for continual business growth.
He is recipient of the 50 Most Impactful CX Professional in India by CXLA (Customer Experience and Loyalty Congress) a Global Non-Profit Organization.


Divya Juneja

Executive Director

Divya, a consumer mind interpreter, heading research & strategy. With her deep-rooted understanding of human behaviour and culture. She is backed by her trained at ISB, Hyderabad, in leadership and strategy. She brings in excellent participation from customers by involving principles of design thinking, emiotics, behavioural economics and agile thinking.Her forte lies in Profiling & Customer Segmentation, New Product Development, Auto Clinics & Qual-Quant studies.


Nastiti Tri Winasis

Director, Research & Operations

With more than two decades of experience as a market researcher, Nastiti has handled projects at local and national scales from various industry sectors for varied topics such as Marketing & Strategy Usage, Attitude, Image – UAI Survey, Product and Pricing  Concept and Product Test, Brand & Communication Ads – Pre/Post-test, as well as Sales & Distribution Branch Evaluation – Semi Audit. Her experience includes government projects, related to the Social and Opinion Research in various aspects such as feasibility study, women and children’s issues, programs implementation.



Director - Research & Analytics

An Engineer and MBA from Mumbai University, Suresh has over two decades of experience in Market Research with expertise in quantitative research and various statistical tools. He has designed, established and successfully delivered world’s largest continuous survey, the Indian Readership Survey (IRS).

He has also handled similar industry currencies such as TV People meter panels (BARC, INTAM), Print Surveys (National Readership Survey, Decision Maker’s Survey, Upmarket Media Survey) and research & consulting projects for many media houses across multiple countries.



Associate Director Quantitative

Researcher with more than 12 years experience in marketing research and strategy, both in market research firms and client side. Fathi has an intensive experience in handling any kind of quantitative research projects, including but not limited to CX, U&A study, market sizing, pricing, market validation, etc. Fathi also experienced on delivering strategic marketing projects, eg. roadmap marketing development, marketing planning, market feasibility analysis, go to market strategy, and marketing strategy audit.


Saptarshi Mukherjee

Senior Manager

Overall experience of 13 years, diligent in adding value by combining market knowledge and analytical mind-set. He is an expert at process re-engineering, project management & operation (quant & qual, both), client relationship management & business development. He is process-oriented, with intense ability to anticipate potential issues and take preventative actions to deliver quality to clients.

Divergent Insights Members- Prashant Mulage


Prashant Mulage

Senior Manager, Online Research

Prashant heads our Online Panel business division backed by his vivid experience of more than 10 years in online market research industry. With an enormous experience in managing end to end online research projects, panel build, panel health & management of sample and vendors, he brings along operationally and commercially excellence to deliver end to end research services to our clients.