Shopper Journey in a Retail Environment - Divergent Insights

Shopper Journey in a Retail Environment

Shopper Journey in a Retail Environment



  • A consumer durable giant in India wanted to understand the shopper journey in a retail environment in two categories, refrigerators and washing machines
  • Besides gathering other information around the shoppers, the client wanted to validate the hypothesis that ‘evaluation parameters for products are different at the pre-stage and the during-stage i.e. before they enter the retail store and when they are at the retail store’


Finding Facts:


  • Wanted to understand consumers evaluation while at the retail environment
  • Differences between pre-purchase and during purchase criteria
  • Sources influencing the purchase criteria.


Solution Implemented:


  • Validation of client hypothesis.
  • An in-depth understanding of shopper behavior at the shop floor – influencers, conversations, journey map at the store, parameters evaluated, salesperson interactions, etc.
  • Need gaps & expectations from the retail journey.




  • Client could develop an in-store strategy to get the consumers hooked to their products.
  • They could understand the points to highlight during the actual purchase.