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New comer of NewsTV in Indonesia

New comer of NewsTV in Indonesia


A newcomer of News TV want to optimize the target audience after rebranding and want to know whether rebranding gives impact towards viewership and audience target

A newcomer of News TV facing very tight competition, especially now that there are many sources of news that can be obtained instantly and easily. Not to mention the competition with fellow TV stations. With post-rebranding position and wider reach, it is necessary to understand the map of competition that occurs

Focus Group Discussion among NewsTV viewers who also active in accessing in social media as source for information


  1. The consequence of rebranding is repositioning, in which this TV Station will not only focus on its position as a News TV (only) but also on entertainment (which continues to prioritize information and has “value” in its target audience’s point of view).
  2. Because this News TV wants to expand its target audience, not only those who are interested in News/News/Information, but also entertainment, where the competition is already very tight. Therefore it takes program differentiation
  3. Get closer to viewers, by involving all stakeholders to promote the programs