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NewsTV – Opportunity Program for Women

NewsTV – Opportunity Program for Women


A leading News TV in Indonesia wants to move to find new opportunities in the Non Prime Time slot by prioritizing female viewers; as well as the Prime Time slot while keeping the focus on the male audience. They want to get information about differentiation that can be offered without changing the positioning as News & Sport (and Religion TV).

This TV Station identical with masculine/macho image, sports and hard-news nuances. The main target audience is male, even though there is still wide potential, especially in the morning and afternoon to attract female viewers, because at this hour the average TV audience is female. Currently, this TV station puts out religious genre programs that present famous clerics and can increase ratings. This program is expected as an anchor for opportunities to broadcast programs with a female target audience both before and after the aired of this religious genre program.

Focus Group Discussion among selected respondents who represent the loyal and potential viewers of News, Sport and Religious TV have been held in Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya (Indonesia)


  1. Try to reach the target audience of Information TV (which is currently quite intensively being competitor), while still highlighting its differentiation through different packaging.
  2. Quickly keep up with the times, package the program in a contemporary context to attract the attention of young/millennial viewers, without having to reduce the weight and quality of the content. On digital platforms, the use of vloggers and podcasters as program fillers or program content inspirations can be an alternative.
  3. Criminal News can still be displayed but in a soft and varied context (the concept of the channel “Criminal Investigation” – Documentation + Drama can be an alternative)
  4. The use of Public Figures is influential in attracting program viewers outside of News and Sport but in special contexts.
  5. Meanwhile, positioning as a Sport TV Station can be expanded, not only “hard/masculine” but also softer/mass, for example, sports that are familiar in Indonesia (eg badminton, volleyball, etc.). Sport does not have to be directly related to competition, but it can be anything as long as it is relevant to the sports theme (packaged in the form of features, for example).