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Dive-In Panels is a global online market research company and is a proprietary panel of Divergent Insights.

Dive-In Panels provide panel services globally. Our panel is unique as we have got in depth profiling of all the panelists which is not seen in any other panels. We give real time updates on our panelist’s interest in any product and services. Our unique technology will help us to capture this information in real time. We have our proprietary panels in multi countries with a panel size of 7 million+ and with 50+ profiling information of more than 50% of the panelists.

We have proprietary project management tool which is more secured in terms of launching our online projects. We do have our online panel platform where we store our panel database this will help us to provide high quality sample to market research clients and to other panel companies. We are one of the industry’s largest sample providers globally. Our panel specialty is we have in depth profiling of our panelists globally. Researcher would find our profiling information more useful and which will help them to meet their expectations.


Online Panel Solutions

Divergent Insights provides access to consumer insights with our proprietary online panels which is known as Dive-in Panels. We have panels globally and can conduct survey on different verticals for different products and services. We have over 5+ years of experience in providing online samples to our various clients.

Divergent Insights has the capabilities to build panel and get the in-depth profiling of the panelists which will help our clients to conduct the surveys as per their specific industry requirements.


Get Access to Unique Global Panels with In-Depth Profiling and Panelists Real Time Data.

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How it Works?

Dive-In Panels follow some unique strategy to recruit their panelists and keep them engaged with various activities so that they can actively participate in all our surveys and win rewards.

Please find a short video that describes the entire process.

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Divergent Insights- Client Institutional Investor
Divergent Insights- Client HCL
Divergent Insights- Client Gartner
Divergent Insights- Client Frost & Sullivan
Divergent Insights- Client The Economist
Divergent Insights- Client Capgemini
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