TV Vierwership in the Post Pandemic – Divergent Insights

TV Vierwership in the Post Pandemic

TV Vierwership in the Post Pandemic


A leading Edutainment TV in Indonesia wants to explore TV Viewership in new normal situation, because there was an indication that

Covid19 pandemic has significant impact towards TV viewership. Work from Home and Study from Home give rise to a tendency for viewers to shift not only with regard to the programs/content watched, but also the media accessed and access time.

Netnography (Diary Tracking) combined with online In-Depth Interview among TV viewers from loyalists, switchers and netizens segments.


  1. Viewer profile (PERSONA) based on media access habits (demographic, social, psychographic)  Background of the viewers’ habits and preferences
  2. Viewers’ expectation and demand for content that viewers are interested in in relation to positioning as an Informative Entertainment TV Station.
  3. Viewers’ preferences for Edutainment TV programs (demand)
  4. Conformity between Edutainment TV purpose, value and identity with its target audience