Global player in Microwave to enter India with a New product - Divergent Insights

Global player in Microwave to enter India with a New product

This case study provides insights into the future prospects of the company while entering into Indian market.

Global player in Microwave to enter India with a New product



  • The Indian microwave market, which was estimated to be around Rs 900 crore in 2018 with around 12 to 15 players operating in the space.
  • The brands have been designing their microwave models keeping in mind the requirements of Indian consumers, equipped with the latest user-friendly technology and smart features, which have been among the most popular consumer durable products in the country.



  • South East Asian client wanted to test market their microwave product in the market before launching
  • Understand owners usage pattern and need gaps
  • Understand intenders information and purchase journey mapping
  • Identify key highlighting features for the product.



  • We interacted with consumers and retailer chain outlets as the product was for higher income consumers.



  • Qualitative research by conducting in-depth interviews with retailer chains and in home observations with owners.
  • Conducted gang surveys with 25 participants who first completed a quantitative survey
  • Based on their responses were chosen for second round of focus group discussions which comprised on 8 participants only.



  • Successfully launched the product in chain retail stores
  • Brand conducted activations and set up kiosk in catchment areas to create buzz for the product in the market



  • With more women working in full-time jobs and spending substantially lesser time in the kitchen, and a growing number of males who can cook, families do not use microwaves for just re-heating anymore, and have found use in cooking full meals and even try new cuisines and styles, thanks to the added functionality. In many cases, microwaves have reduced the time taken to cooking as compared to the traditional cooking methods, and helped the users be more precise in their technique, since various factors can be set through the controls, including cooking temperature, time, heating direction, and air flow.
  • The manufacturers will have to focus on making sure they seize the opportunity and educate the public about the added benefits on having a microwave oven at home.