Demand for Mobile Vans In India - Divergent Insights

Demand for Mobile Vans In India

Our broad experience allows us to also support wholesalers, car importers, and service providers, as well as private equity companies and investment banks

Business Situation:

  • Since the trend of mobile vehicles was in growth phase in South East Asian countries, it was important to understand their attitude and behavior towards the category.
  • Help in estimating ground realities that would take place in India when an OEM begins manufacturing for developing the mobile van organized channel in India.
  • To gather current day vehicle fabrication needs and estimate demand and feasibility for such vehicles in India and their utility.

Research Solution Design:

We have conducted automotive market research across Asian countries for an automotive market leader to understand market demand, forecast sales and need gaps in the market to help strategies OEM entry.

Methodology adopted:

  • We conducted an extensive multi-country Qualitative study to allow exploring the topic at all levels with mobile van owners across geographies.
  • Gather an in-depth understanding of the South East Asian culture and identifying its applications in India. Thus conducted a
    qualitative as well as quantitative research across 7 cities in India.


  • Understanding of the attitude and behavior of Indian consumers.
  • Demand estimation and enabling in pricing estimations
  • Help client to anticipate the needs and requirements of fabrication in the vehicle to make it a desirable product for the Indian market.