Feasibility check for Foreign University Campus in India

Feasibility check for Foreign University Campus in India

Business Situation:


  • Client wanted to enter Indian market by offering a world class campus and a full scaled boarding experience for students till 12th
  • They wanted to understand the acceptance of foreign schools amongst parents, students in India.
  • Identify feasibility of the launch and recommend on a go-to-market strategy for them.


Finding Facts:


  • Identify reasons for parents and students to be interested in undertaking education at foreign universities.
  • Engage with well-known faculty and map the true market sentiment.
  • Identify the existing competition in the market.
  • Exposure to the concept and gathering unbiased reactions.
  • Government acceptance towards foreign institutes entering India.


Solutions Suggested:


  • Audience acceptance towards the idea.
  • Explain parents’ willingness to pay to pay for education and their interest levels
  • About faculty’s willing to participate in the education institute.
  • Share an opinion from Govt officials and access their willingness to open doors for foreign institutes in India.




  • Clear opinion about the feasibility of their plan.
  • Suggestions for devise a program – list of expectations, pricing, promotion strategy.