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Exploring Initiative Programs for Low-Skilled Labor in Indonesia

Exploring Initiative Programs for Low-Skilled Labor in Indonesia

Startup Company-Human Resource Specialist



 A startup company in the field of digital technology is developing a training program for workers (especially low-skilled labor) to be able to compete in an increasingly tight labor market. For this reason, information is needed regarding the type of training that is relevant to the needs of the workforce concerned.



Current situation: training providers are usually still conventional and less customized according to the needs of the workforce. Therefore, this company wants to launch something new and more sophisticated one that is suitable with current situation.



Face to Face Interview among selected low skilled workers in Jakarta and greater area, deepened with in-depth interviews among HR managers and BDM in several companies: FMCG, IT, Automotive to answer some objectives:

  • Demographic and psychographic profile of low skilled-labors in the research area: gender, social-economic status/situation, education, the number of family members that must be covered, character of low skilled labors
  • Macro issues: demand of industry, skill owned, suitability between demand and supply, wage issue
  • Micro issues: needs and wants of low skilled labors, behavior of low skilled labors, cross-checked with the labor provider
  • Expectation to the future: expectation towards life improvements through skill enrichment, type of training needed, who is expected to provide training .



  • Soft-skill training for job seekers, can offer soft-skill training for job seekers by working together in cooperation with manufacturing companies directly through the HR-Recruitment team or outsourcing company as a third party/strategic partner. This can be a value added for Outsourcing Company
  • Guidance for job seekers: offer free access for accessing information through a specific platform (like apps) that lead them into the best solution: job availability, requirements needed, information about outsourcing company, information about Work Training Center developed by Government, Training Agenda and Syllabus that is suitable with needs, etc. The new platform can be used as guidance/assist from the entry point regarding the talents, skills and abilities of Job Seekers, so that we can match them with jobs that suitable with their capability.
  • Create various- attractive contents for soft-skill training: various issue can be created as soft-skill training content material. The goal is to empower and motivate workers to stay enthusiastic and succeed optimally. To increase the bargaining position in the labor market, provision of awareness of the importance of working according to their passion is highly recommended to get optimal result in the work place.