Digital Business Newspaper – Divergent Insights

Digital Business Newspaper

Digital Business Newspaper


A business newspaper that has existed for a long time in Indonesia has rejuvenated, especially in terms of context or appearance, both on conventional/printed and digital platforms


  1. Readers’ preferences in obtaining daily business and economic information is difficult to detect
  2. Current position of this newspaper in the Indonesian business and economic newspaper readers’ point of view

Focus Group Discussion among business newspaper readers and intenders.


  1. Current media access behavior tends to be un-patterned, where the internet has increasingly dominated the media accessed
  2. The information that is much needed today has more to do with investment opportunities, business tips and tricks as well as success stories of young people who have entered the business world and inspired many people.
  3. Layout is very influential on the interest and enthusiasm of reading the newspaper
  4. In the digital newspapers, up-to-date information with a catchy layout greatly influences reading interest