Cooking Habit among Household in Indonesia – Divergent Insights

Cooking Habit among Household in Indonesia

Cooking Habit among Household in Indonesia


Our client plans to expand in the Indonesia market where the market situation is quite dynamic because the competition is quite tight.

The uncertain situation due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic coupled with intense competition in the FMCG business in Indonesia who fight for the target market of young people, especially Food and Beverages, has forced producers to think smartly to anticipate future business directions. To create an innovative product become important priority

We offer a comprehensive approach through combination between Quantitative and Qualitative research among big potential consumers (household) through online ethnography and face to face interview.


  1. Get insights about Indonesian market situation (particularly in terms of cooking habits) during pandemic era.
  2. New idea to enter business with innovative products to accommodate market’ needs.