Customer Profiling Study for Portfolio Management Services.

Customer Profiling Study for Portfolio Management Services.

Business Situation:


  • Client had been in the market for over some years, their on-boarded clients were not connecting with the company and overall seemed unsatisfied in tracking their portfolio’s growth.


Finding Facts:


  • Identify reasons for such dormant reaction from their high net worth clients.
  • Unearth ways to communicate with their clients.
  • Develop / improve processes of client handling.
  • Engage in ways to improve revenue and address all client needs.


Solutions Suggested:


  • Helped improve the on-boarding process for clients.
  • Identified communication channels based on type of content and its importance.
  • Enable in strategizing better client engagement activities.



  • Include risk evaluation questions to classify customers based on their risk – return appetite.
  • Guidelines to develop a new customer communication process.
  • Reduce and remove the barriers faced by customers.