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China-Brand of Mobile Phone Acceptance

China-Brand of Mobile Phone Acceptance


Our client seeks new market opportunities among millennials in Indonesia in terms of mobile phone utilization. This product is not only for communication tools but also as status symbol that can represents personal identity. China is quite aggressive in marketing technology-based products, so this opportunity must be optimally utilized.

The client business shows positive outlook during pandemic situation, even telecommunication industry become there are even indications that telecommunication products are increasingly used during the pandemic because they are the only tools that allow people to stay connected to each other so that there are no obstacles in the communication process so that the economy continues to move forward. One of the important features for Indonesian people is a quality camera. This is important to show their identity and the services offered so that they can still trust each other.


  1. B2B market: In-depth interview among distributors/sellers/outlet that sells brands that currently dominate the market
  2. B2C market: In-depth interview and face to face interview Mobile phone users

As a result of study, client was able to gain a comprehensive understanding on the opportunity to enter Indonesia market with innovative product’s features.