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Divergent Insights is highly recommended for Quantitative Research services and a well-known company in the Industry. The expert Qualitative Research analysts help clients with complete dedication and achieve the best results for their business strategy. You can count on our talented analysts to design the right research so that you can make your business decisions quickly and confidently.
Quantitative observational research is often essential to Take retail for example where the footfall of shoppers entering the store, or window-shopping can vary dramatically depending on the season and shop window display.
Our Quantitative data collection methodologies include -
How many times have you heard the statement, “most communication is non-verbal”? We know that non-verbal behavior is a crucial aspect of communication. Oftentimes body language and facial expressions convey emotions and ideas more accurately than words. This is why nothing offers more depth of understanding than connecting with your target customer through face-to-face research.
  • Online Data Collection
  • CATI Data collection
  • CAPI / PAPI Face to Face Data collection
  • Auto Clinics and CLTs
  • Product Placements
  • Sensory Tests
  • Store Audits
  • Mystery Shopping


Given the time and budget commitments involved, we believe that insights from segmentation research should provide insights that will have a significant impact on a company’s business and marketing strategy for years to come. Whether the goal is to identify new growth opportunities, refine or expand a brand’s target, or market more effectively, Divergent Insights has the expertise to deliver game-changing segmentation insights. No matter what approach we use and who your target is we have broad experience to guide you on your next segmentation project.


Launching successful new products is tough. We have the tools and experience to help set you on the right path. Our concept testing solutions include screening multiple ideas to find the best and comprehensive evaluations of individual concepts to optimize them prior to launch. We’re known for providing added-value insights wherever you are in the concept development process. Finding winning concepts often isn’t the end of the story. We provide essential insights into managing your brand’s incrementality and cannibalization challenges.


Are you ready to launch a new product? Maybe you need to redesign or reformulate your existing product to cut costs, better compete against another brand, or meet new clean-labeling standards, evaluating product’s ease of use and effectiveness? We can partner with you to gather the consumer insights you need before your product goes to market, or goes back to market. Divergent Insights knows what it takes to conduct successful product testing; we have decades of experience, and hundreds of studies under our belt. Our experience spans many product categories, so no matter your needs, we have the know-how and structure in place to design and handle your product testing with expertise, accuracy and care.


Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) studies have been part of Divergent Insight’s journey. We have conducted CSAT studies for clients across many industries around the globe. We have the systems, security measures and infrastructure in place to handle all the logistics for even the biggest programs. Our studies are designed with maximum flexibility; we understand that internal/external factors fuel the need to address a burning issue, or that we need to probe something more deeply. We understand that customer satisfaction tracking must be fluid, and we expect that studies will evolve and grow. Whether it’s NPS, overall satisfaction, or a combination of factors, rest assured that we will dig deeply to understand what makes someone a loyal customer. Beyond that, we will work with you to help you promote the CSAT study within your organization.


Sometimes you need to evaluate early-stage creative as quickly as possible. You want to make sure your creative is telling the right story. We use a research methodology that blends innovation, art, and science to evaluate your brand’s early-stage creative quickly and easily. Our solution cuts budgets and timelines by bringing real-time research to you anytime and anywhere. By leveraging the best of both quantitative and qualitative research, online pre-recruited respondents react to your creative in real-time through group-directed dynamic probing, as well as closed-ended and open-ended questions. We have helped brand managers, agency folks, and researchers achieve their goals using our approach.

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