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Divergent Insights possess rich industry experience in Qualitative Research. Our team’s innovative thinking, right usage of skillsets and well-thought approach helps clients outperform their targets. Our qualified and skilled moderators choose various in-person and online approaches to unearth different stories. This really matters to understand consumer attitude, perception and their behaviours.

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How many times have you heard the statement, “most communication is non-verbal”? We know that non-verbal behavior is a crucial aspect of communication. Oftentimes body language and facial expressions convey emotions and ideas more accurately than words. This is why nothing offers more depth of understanding than connecting with your target customer through face-to-face research.


Focus Groups is the most powerful method to provide in-depth research after conducting group discussions to build, analyze, and share the ideas as per others experience. It is best suited for CONSUMER RESEARCH but can’t ignore its importance for various businesses. Our tried and trusted approach is enough to generate relevant insights for your business. It includes Standard Focus Groups, Extended Focus Groups, Online Focus Groups, Mini Focus Groups, etc.


Deep Dive OR Customer Visit is gaining too much popularity since its help in gaining rich consumer insights. It is more engaging form of research since you have to spend more time with your customer who is engrossed in their routine life. You can analyze part of the customer journey like MYSTERY SHOPPING from the complete shopping customer experience. It is study of an individual while he is busy in due course of daily activity like watching TV, Shopping, Cooking, etc.


It is always better to talk directly i.e. One-on-One. In order to understand any consumer it is better to conduct in-depth interviews. It allows communicating with a consumer at any defined facility like their office, home, store, or at any well identified place to understand consumers’ behavior and their needs in


Divergent Insights has mastered the intricacies of creating online communities harvesting all the posts, comments, photos and video to become immersed in customers' life. Our approach is to integrate qualitative discussions with surveys in innovative ways to dive deeply into the data and extract the exact reasons. Our experience of conducting online discussion has helped in understanding audiences, product usage, concept optimization, and much more.


Our team recruits participants from across the globe to discuss various topics over the period of days and week. Expert moderators take initiative to mark questions during the discussion. Once the response is received in the form of Text or Video it is shown against the question. You can easily go through the complete conversation thread to dig deeper and understand the insights better.


It is useful to understand the behavior of a user on the website. It is more about User Experience to understand their reaction via mobile devices by allowing the consumers use the tools to track. It is challenging to fit the content in all the forms to the respective devices resolutions but it is important in today’s era. The thorough analysis is done to create the report along with the suggestions to improvise.


Divergent Insights capture and observe natural behavior, reaction, and emotions as against just having the participants for the purpose of the study. Digital Ethnography tools allow the consumers to gather the outcomes of their experiences in the form of pictures and videos in the exact event they happened in order to formulate the nice story, in the specific context of each occasion.


Divergent Insights ensures that research is done with proper methods to provide clients with the deeper insights. With the help of in-depth analysis during the workshops it becomes easier to form right strategies, implementation plans, new ideas, design creation, positioning of a brand, etc.


It’s all about Ideation in the process of launching a new brand. Our approach is to collaborate and guide the clients on developing the new products, solutions, services, concepts, or any communications for the audiences at large. Our team helps in ideating various workshops to understand both side of the game i.e. clients and consumers.


Once the ideation is done activating the workshop is very essential that allows the client to optimize the research and translate the insights into a nicely crafted business strategy. Every session is uniquely activated to understand the in-depth pointers of the targeted consumers and their needs. The research insights are useful in the journey.

What can qualitative research tell you?

  • what customers or prospects think and feel about your product or service;
  • how they choose between different products or suppliers
  • how branding, design and packaging influence them;
  • what sort of marketing messages have the most impact, and what turns them off;
  • how price affects decision-making
  • Whether there is demand for a new product or service.
Qualitative research is about getting people to expand on their answers so that you can get more insight into their attitudes and behavior. It's all about getting underneath people's responses to find out what is driving their decisions.
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