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Auto Car Clinics

A car Clinic is a research services using qualitative and quantitative methodologies for improvising car new model or car prototype. The car is compared with existing car models e.g. 5 cars from competitors. Potential and current buyers are recruited to view the cars, mention preference, provides genuine feedback and ratings.

What a Car Clinic can uncover


AR/VR in Automotive

Automotive Industry is poised to grow exponentially with the new technological advancements and innovations with help of automation. Automotive manufacturers across the globe are using technology at its best to deliver the best and latest automotive products to the consumers. The two buzz words in the automotive industry today are Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies which are used for experiential training, unique capabilities and advancements.

  • AR uses a real-world setting.
  • AR users can control their presence in the real world.
  • AR can be accessed with a smartphone.
  • VR is completely virtual.
  • VR users are controlled by the system.
  • VR only enhances a fictional reality and requires a headset device

New Research Methods

Technology has helped every industry to grow in the past and Automotive is even not left behind. Divergent Insights has helped the global automotive brand to take the Focus Group research online with online platforms to reach more consumers. Eye Tracking is another method that uses heat maps with help of Virtual Reality environments.

We have experience of recruiting and interviewing respondents from all aspects of the automotive sector, we conducted projects amongst:

  • High-end sports vehicle owners
  • Family car owners
  • Motability vehicle owners
  • Automotive industry members
  • Automotive Market Research for clients

Divergent Insights Automotive Market Research through Auto Clinics help in identifying key insights on consumer behavior to changes in design of prototype car to be introduced to any country. Divergent Insights can conduct static car clinics, dynamic car clinics, 3D virtual car clinics, VR Car Clinics, AR Car Clinics and also driving usability studies to fulfill customers’ tailored needs.

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