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5 Main Drivers of Customer Satisfaction

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A good business will always aspire to be the type of entity their clients rave about and vouch by. Creating a stout fan-base and a community of satisfied clients can be a daunting task. Customer service skills are most important. Many companies have utilized Customer Satisfaction Surveys to get an unbiased and correct picture of their actual standing in terms of their performance.

The main drivers of Customer Satisfaction are:

1) Communication:

Communication is definitely the most prominent driver of customer satisfaction. People communicating on the behalf of the company should be polite and have knowledge about the product, service as well as the issue. They must cover each and every single detail even if it seems to be small as it might be quite big for the customer. The company should focus on creating great relationships with customers by cordially discussing and setting right expectations prior to every stage of the process while maintaining clear communication at every step.

2) Schedule

Off course, the part of communicating well is quite important apart from setting proper expectations but the schedule cannot be ignored. Schedule is one of the crucial aspects that define the level of customer satisfaction. This can be understood under the following subheads:

  1. Response Time: It is the time taken for the consumer to get a response from the concerned qualified person who will put efforts to resolve the issue.
  2. Resolve Time: It is the time taken for the consumer to get the issue sorted as per their satisfaction.
  3. Status Updates: It involves the process of keeping the consumer informed about the progress of their unresolved and unsettled issue.

3) Trust

Trust is the most powerful world that exists in the dictionary of customer satisfaction. It’s impossible for any client to become happy and satisfied if “Trust” is missing from any of the steps. A satisfied client, who trusts the company, tends to recommend the products or services of the company to others as well. In the absence of the much-needed trust factor, there will be no scope for sustaining a positive rapport with clients.

However, the pursuit of creating a trusting relationship with your customers does not essentially mean that all your actions have to be perfect. Sometimes the best way to bring in your client’s trust is to own the mistake that has happened and then work to resolve the issues.

4) Well-organized and Professional attitude

The methodology used by your team to find solutions of the issues is the best way to put across your professionalism. Every organization needs to address client questions politely. Obviously, any individual may not have all the answers, but then, he/she can get in touch with his/her team to source the answer from the group of professionals.

5) Problem Resolution

This is one of the customer satisfaction drivers that are top of mind for most of the consumers.  The moment a company resolves issues of a worried client, the team ends up turning the negatives into positives first-hand. The client needs to be kept informed at every step of problem resolving. Every company has a different set of solutions to the challenges involved with customer’s issues. Customers explore their relationship with a company in terms of responsiveness, ideas and demeanor. Effectively juggling that will be a life-long approach to set the stage right for a cooperative and stupendous association.

All aspects of ensuring customer satisfaction are important but paying special attention to how your company acts in the above-mentioned areas that drive customer satisfaction can help you earn referral business, recommendations and a reputation for service excellence.