Global player in Microwave to enter India with a New product

This case study provides insights into the future prospects of the company while entering into Indian market.

Business Situation:

  • South East Asian client wanted to test market their microwave product in the market before launching
  • Understand owners usage pattern and need gaps
  • Understand intenders information and purchase journey mapping
  • Identify key highlighting features for the product

Research Solution Design:

We interacted with consumers and retailer chain outlets as the product was for higher income consumers.

Methodology adopted:

  • Qualitative research by conducting in-depth interviews with retailer chains and in home observations with owners.
  • Conducted gang surveys with 25 participants who first completed a quantitative survey
  • Based on their responses were chosen for second round of focus group discussions which comprised on 8 participants only.


  • Successfully launched the product in chain retail stores
  • Brand conducted activations and set up kiosk in catchment areas to create buzz for the product in the market